The school has a spacious library with large collection of books for readers of all ages. Besides, there is a large collection of reference books on all subjects. Inside library there are facility for quiet study. The library subscribes newspapers & magazines. It has in store more than 8000 books & we are adding books in it every year. 


  • ASSEMBLY  HALL     We do not have any Assembly Hall
  • SMART  CLASS     Today, as the traditional Chalk & Talk method of teaching is not sufficient to satisfy the demands of students so we have set Smart Classroom to cater to the needs of the students. Classes on various subjects are held here & students can access knowledge beyond the prescribed text.
  • PLAY  GROUND    Our school have a moderate size play ground which provides the arena where all sports related activities are held.
  • MUSIC  ROOM    We do not have any music room .
  • CANTEEN    We do not have any canteen.